Electron and Orbitals

by Julian Rubisch, 2018-11-22javascriptcreative-codingp5jselectrontonejs
01 P5 Electron Scaffold

I decided to show you real quick how you can set up your p5 patch to run in electron and connect it to Max via OSC in just a few minutes.

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02 Sonification with Tonejs

I came along this library called tonejs, and I have already been looking for a decent Web Audio API wrapper for a longer time, I decided to give it a try.

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03 Declarative Generative Graphics with Thi.ng

In the visual programming facebook group lately an interesting library, which has nothing to do with visual programming on first sight, was brought to my attention: thi.ng. At first, the minimalistic, clean look and feel of the imagery presented on the website caught my eye, but I was also a little bit anxious, because the whole project is written in Clojure, and I'm by no means at all an expert in that language. But, ignorance should never keep you from exploring, and I know an interesting library when I see one. So I started dabbling around, and was immediately stumped, because I seemingly couldn't get it to work on my machine. Then I realized, there is one go-to tool to use when you need a defined, known-to-work environment to run your software in: Docker. So I'd like to share the process of how I got thi.ng to work and generate simple yet beautiful graphics with you.

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04 Remixing SVG with threejs and Glitch

As a follow up to the thi.ng episode, I wanted to quickly give you a glance at what I did with the SVG it generated. I wanted to do some procedural, interactive graphics processing on it, and I wanted to do it in a browser-based environment so I'd have the ability to use it in every context that provides a modern, Web-GL capable browser. This is the result. You can think of glitch as a symbiosis between an online REPL such as codepen, a code repository such as github, and a platform as a service (PaaS) such as heroku. Another platform I wanted to try out, and now I can share my learnings with you :)

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