Chaotic Synthesis

by Julian Rubisch, 2018-07-02maxsynthesischaoticfm
01 Feedbacked FM

We start our series on unpredictable, semi-stable oscillators and similar stuff with a little experiment. We will try to use the concept of FM (frequency modulation) synthesis to come up with a chaotic sound texture generator.

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02 Sinhed FM

One other way to abuse FM synthesis is to take a rather exotic modulator function. In this example we will take a hyperbolic sine_and see what comes out.

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03 Logistic Oscillations Part One

Do you know this plot? This is the _logistic map_, it is used to model the development (reproduction and starvation, that is) of populations in biological systems. What is very characteristic of this function is that even after the onset of chaos, there are intermittent sections exhibiting oscillating attractors. It is exactly this behaviour which makes it very interesting for sound synthesis.

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