Julian Rubisch

Born in 1981 in Vienna, Austria, I still live and work here. My main fields of interest and work encompass sound & music computing, soundscape studies, computer music, sound art as well as human-computer relations and media theory.

From 2012 to 2015 I studied computer music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, today I'm working as freelance software developer for web, mobile, and audio, as media-/sound artist, interaction designer, performance artist and creative consultant.

My works tend to be located at borders / interfaces of perception, e.g. analysis-resynthesis of speech, data moshing etc. This approach entails a destruction of material, to reassemble and revive it in a different context. Moreover I constantly revolve around novel approaches for inclusion of the audience in the creative process, in the sense of a true open art work.

Performances / Installations at/in ZKM Karlsruhe, ORF Ö1 Kunstradio, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Ernst Krenek Forum Krems, Moe Wien, Science Center Netzwerk, European Researchers’ Night, University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Klangturm St. Pölten, Oskar Kokoschka Haus Pöchlarn, ICMC, AES Conference.

Founding member of the Electroacoustic Chamber Music Ensemble (EAKME), the combo TROPUS (together with Tobias Leibetseder), member of the Vienna Noise Orchestra.

Patrik Lechner

Austria based artist Patrik Lechner started making electronic music at the age of 16, soon discovering environments such as Pure data and Max/MSP. From thereon he developed many tools for his own experimental music and it wasn't long after this, that he started creating generative 3d visualizations of audio material.

Since 2012 he is working for the University of Applied Sciences in St.Pölten (FH St.Pölten). In 2015 he wrote a Book about Max/MSP and TouchDesigner. As a co-founder of two startups he is developing DSP algorithms in python, MATLAB and other langages.

Patrik Lechner has done many multimedia projects as for example an installation at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden for the Institute for Creative/Media/Technologies FH St.Pölten, or an interactive audio installation in Dubai.

As an artist, he did audio/visual performances in Austria, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Dubai, at MUTEK Mexico, and regularly played at the Austrian Pavilion at the world exhibition in Shanghai 2010.

He works a lot with classically trained musicians, developed a real-time scoring system/piece for string quartet premiered in 2012 and frequently works with painters and artists from other fields.

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